Writ Large curators take an expansive view of screen-based writing, and will consider work in many styles, genres, and disciplines — as long as text is an important element in the finished work or the process of its making. All media and formats are accepted, as long as the work can be viewed or accessed on a projection surface, computer, digital display, or mobile device in a screening or exhibition environment. Please submit your work as you intend it to be presented, in the categories you feel are appropriate, and complete all applicable fields. Recommendations for specific submission categories and venues are listed below. [NOTE: If you have trouble with the form, please use Chrome browser.]

DEADLINE: APRIL 21st midnight Pacific. Submissions will re-open through The Wall Summer 2016.


Video Poetry: time-based film/video of poetry, written or read, “cine-poetry” “motion poems”
Interactive Fiction & Poetry: hypertext, writing in games, Twine, Processing, etc.
Animation & Kinetic Typography: web comics, text animation, motion design, title design, visual poetry or “vispo”, Flash, Processing, etc.
Generated and Procedural Texts: generators, chatbots, Twitterbots, etc.
Spoken, Performed, & Social: other texts that involve live reading, performance, in-person or group enactment


UCSC evening screening: a program of shorter (<15 min) time-based works on a large theater screen (May 21 2016)
UCSC exhibition: an exhibition of longer looping videos, installations, projections, kiosks, and interactive works  (May 15 – 21 2016)
Great Wall of Oakland: a program of shorter time-based visual works on a large, outdoor public projection surface (Fall 2016, submit here)
Great Wall off-site installations: longer visual works in various Oakland uptown/downtown storefronts (2016, ongoing)
Writ Large website: online exhibitions of various works that cannot be included in other venues



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